Why magnum? why now?

The Magnum Gasket line contains approximately 1,000 sets, providing more than 80% sales coverage. The Magnum eCatalog offers easy lookup of just the right gasket set for thousands of Domestic & Foreign Automobile and Light Truck Makes, Models and Engines. Magnum features problem-solving designs to service challenging late model applications, such as intake manifold gaskets for vehicles using extended life (OAT) anti-freeze. Throughout the line, you'll find top quality gasket materials and constructions for the most frequently serviced vehicles on the road – from subcompacts to muscle cars.

Every Magnum Gasket Set is packaged in a professional, industrial grade carton with comprehensive tri-lingual labeling that include set contents, detailed application information and an interchange with other gasket brands. Magnum Installation Guides, included in many sets, offer important job-specific specifications and helpful tips for easier and more confident engine assembly. Auto Parts Wholesalers and Retailers will find that the Magnum line was developed with their marketing programs, material handling and inventory control needs in mind. Installers will be pleased with the extraordinarily complete contents of Magnum Gasket Sets that save time and money...and prevent comebacks!

Products that Serve "Main Street"...Not "Wall Street"

I've been around cars and trucks my whole life. Many of the great brands in auto parts are now supplied by international conglomerates that bear little resemblance to the highly dedicated manufacturers who gave their names to those products. If corporate executives consider cutting corners to meet next quarter's financial targets, it can lead to tough decisions. Magnum Automotive Group is an independent business dedicated to achieving long-term success in the automotive aftermarket by combining state-of-the-art products with old fashioned dedication to quality and service. You're welcome to add your comments to my page on .