There’s too much at stake to choose less than the best!

"DO's & DON'Ts" of performance GASKETS

  • DO choose Performance Gaskets from the experts who have twenty years of experience manufacturing hi-tech gaskets for major aftermarket brands and OEM.
  • DON’T assume there aren’t new and better ways to seal classic high performance Chevy, Ford and Chrysler V8’s.
  • DO check out the first edition of Magnum’s Performance Gasket Catalog “pdf” by clicking the link on this page.
  • DON’T overlook Magnum’s extensive coverage for recent GM LS engines.
  • DO take advantage of Magnum’s advanced molding technology in our expanded line of steel core valve cover gaskets and one-piece oil pan gaskets.
  • DON’T struggle anymore inserting Chrysler 440 rear main bearing side seals. Try our SP93120 molded seals with a rigid plastic core. At the same time, save time and money by choosing a Magnum MaxDry SS molded oil pan gasket with integral windage tray… OS84011 (for standard stroke) or OS84012 (with deep sump for stroker motors).