What is Magnum GasketMaster?

This is a FREE online training program designed for all Magnum Gasket Installers... from the most experienced professional technician to the ambitious Do-it-Yourselfer. Even if you're not yet using the Magnum brand, we hope you'll find valuable information to help with your next repair.

In fact, the Magnum GasketMaster program is better than free because we'll send you a framed Certificate of Recognition and a Magnum gift just for completing our open-book online quizzes. Just follow the simple instructions and you can proudly call yourself a "MAGNUM GASKET MASTER".

About Magnum Gaskets

Magnum gaskets are designed by highly experienced automotive product engineers, who are not only experts in gasket design, but have first-hand knowledge of what is involved in the manufacture and installation of the gaskest. Magnum's manufacturing facilities are world class, having been a supplier to OEM and well known, aftermarket gasket brands for many years.

Gaskets have a tough job. They have to seal air, fuel, oil, or coolant, and sometimes all four at once. Toss in some heat and vibration, and the job gets even tougher. From the days of Model T's to the early Muscle Car era, gasket designs could be pretty simple and still meet sealing expectations. In today's modern engines, with high horsepower, lightweight castings, high coolant temperatures, turbo chargers, super chargers, etc., it takes highly engineered gaskets, such as Magnum, to achieve the leak-free results that consumers demand.

Many companies these days are cheapening products. You see it every time you go shopping. Brands you've trusted for years, now look and feel cheaper, and they don't last as long. These companies are constantly looking for ways to maximize profits, while ignoring the ever decreasing quality. They go to other countries to find the cheapest materials and labor they can while overlooking the needs of American consumers and American workers.

This dilemma may be seen in some major brands of gaskets... even those you've used and trusted for many years. Off shore gasket suppliers just copy what others have made, usually not doing a very good job of it. The parts may look similar, but the materials and manufacturing are inferior.

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